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  Exchange Transmissions Ltd are a leading supplier of Man gearboxes and differentials to fit all models of Man trucks. Eaton, Rockwell Differentials, ZF Transmissions, Allison Transmissions, Fuller Gearboxes. Exchange Transmissions Ltd stock an extensive inventory of gearboxes and differentials, gearbox parts, differential parts, axle parts, steering components and clutch parts suitable for all types of Man vehicles.                         

                                   Truck gearbox and differential range suitable for Man vehicles are all covered:

  • Man Gearboxes: G28, G32, G56, G60, G85, G131, G221, G210, G211, G100, G281, G231, NSG370, NSG400
  • ZF Gearboxes: 5,6 9,16 speed - all types including 8S109, S5.42, 16S130, 16S151, 16S181, S6.36 Series
  • Fuller Gearbox: RT9509, RT09513, RTX11609, RT12509, RTO12513, RT14609, RT14613, RTX14613
  • Eaton Gearboxes: 5,6,9,12,16 speed including 4106, 5206, 6109, 8209, TS12612, TSO13612, RTSO 17316
  • Steering Box: DAF, Volvo, Scania, ERF, Foden, 3, 4, 5 and 6 series
  • Mercedes Axles and differential Assys: RS1344, RSS1344, RS1026, EV90, EV91, RTS2370, RRT2370
  • Rockwell Differentials: R130, R160, R180, R153, SSHD, SQ100, SR170, 140, 141 AND 145 series
  • Crown Wheel and Pinions for all types of differentials
  • Spicer Clutch: 15.5" and 14"
  • Allison Transmissions: all types including AT542, MT653 and HT750 series

If the type of Man gearbox or differential you need is not listed - we can still supply it - please call us on 01446 743850 or email us